The purpose of the metallic guardrail installation, is to retain all vehicles from passing out of the limits of the road or to prohibit passing to the opposite traffic lane.

ODOSIMANSI C CHRONIS SA delivers metallic guardrail systems that comply with all performance categories described in the European harmonized standard EN 1317.

Our company ODOSIMANSI C CHRONIS SA can deliver the following:

  • Certified metallic guardrails as per the harmonized European standard EN1317.

European standard EN1317 specifies the following types of metallic guardrails

    1. One sided metallic guardrails

    2. Double sided metallic guardrails

    3. Metallic guardrails for bridges (technical projects)

The European standard EN1317 describes that the performance of the guardrails is specified by the following factors:

  • The containment level. Standard describes categories N2, H1, H2 & H4b

  • The working width

  • Acceleration Severity Index (ASI), (category A or B)

Furthermore our company can deliver

  • Metallic guardrails satisfying the specification of the ministry of public works and development (ΦΕΚ 189/1988) and the required technical specifications.

The protection of the metallic guardrails from oxidization is achieved using the hot deep galvanizing procedure for the metallic structure satisfying the prerequisites of the European standard EN1461

Our company has sophisticated equipment for the installation of all types of guardrails with fully trained staff for the correct installation of the suggested systems and according to the manufacturers user manual.