The construction of informative signs is specified by the national standard technical specifications. The lifetime of the plates ranges from 7 to 12 years depending on the used type of reflective film. Currently we use three kinds of reflective films depending on their use. Type I, Type II, and Type III.The materials used for their construction is flat aluminium. When the flat information boards exceed 1 square meter it will be reinforced with additional ribs to acquire the necessary strength. For the informative signs placed on bridges special aluminum profiles. The materials comply with the requirements of harmonized European standard EN 12899-1. Compliance is certified by a recognized in the European Union inspection body.




In many cases, mainly on road islands the installation of illumination signs for road safety is necessary, so that  the drivers can have safer information during the night.All the kinds of illumination signs for road safety are made in various sizes.  Their box is made of aluminum profile completely impermeable. The illumination lamps are fluorescent  220 – 240 V and in case of accident an isolation panel is available for changing  the voltage  from 220 V to 12 V.