The reflective glass beads road marking is an essential ingredient for pavement markings. Their contribution to road safety is quite large since incorporated the striping colors and reflect the light of vehicle headlights making the markings visible to drivers, even from distance, but also during the night.

The glass beads shall comply with the requirements Ministry and the Greek – European ELOT-EN 1423 and 1423/1 “dusting materials standards, glass beads, antiskid aggregates and mixtures thereof,” in conjunction with D14v / OIK.57023 / 17/04/03 document KEDE All types of glass beads Our reflexes, always accompanied with a Certificate of Conformity – Approval, CE and Declaration of Conformity, CE (according to Presidential Decree 334 – DEC 176 / 25- 10-1994 and ELOT-EN 1423 / A1) .

The ODOSIMANSI K. CHRONIS SA has beads which carry 80% adhesion coating and 20% floating coating so as to improve the adhesion (integration) in the color layer hatch and to maintain high reflectivity available throughout the lifetime of the hatch.