Delineators have triangular cross section, total height 1,50 m, width (height of equilateral triangle) 12 cm and thickness at least 2 mm. Delineators are manufactured by PVC-HI, uniformly smooth without corrugations.  It is of white color in all of its mass.

Features : The reflective elements of rectangular geometry have dimensions of 80 mm X 120 mm. The colour of the reflective elements is red and white. They are placed on a black rectangular stripe which covers all the circumference of the cross section of the body, at a width of 20 cm.

Specification : The products conform to EN 12899-3. Certificate of conformity CE 1922-CPR-0244

Placement : Minimum distance between its other 60m on straight segments, fixation depth 50cm while the reflective elements color it white for left side of the road and red for the right side.

Application : Intercity road networks, dangerous road points, places without guardrails.




The plastic delineator have circular cross section, total height 1,60 m, diameter 20 cm. It is manufactured by polyethylene by the extrusion method   uniformly smooth without corrugations and ends in a conical head.

Features : It is white and brings red stripe from reflective sheeting with width 20cm, this makes easy its labeling during the night.

Specification : Ministry.

Placement : It is placed at junctions with fixation depth 30cm while it can be optionally supplied with plastic vase for easy fixation to the ground.

Application : Junctions