It is a simple and understandable language that all drivers know and speak. Lane defines the edges of the road and divides the vehicle traffic lanes. Directing traffic lanes indicating the acceleration, deceleration and parking. It acts as a signal when it is continuous and special arrows helps warns and directs safely. In their forms, as lines are divided into longitudinal, lines drawn along the road, cross, those that the driver meets vertically in front of, and specific, which include lines, signs and special symbols on the pavement. The Colouri, the brilliance, the skid resistance and durability are the key features that should have a strikethrough.

The role of horizontal road marking is particularly important and equally important is the correct design of the use of appropriate colors and their right application.

ODOSIMANSI is the leader at the stripe sector since 1980 carries markings in Greece and abroad by staff specially trained, modern technology equipment (the HOFMANN company, BORUM, GRACO) and certified colors (acrylic, alkyd, two-component, thermoplastic and psychroplastika).

The ODOSIMANSI K. CHRONIS SA is certified with ISO 9001.