The manufacturing of traffic signs is governed by Greek standard technical specifications Σ.303-74, Σ.306-74, Σ.310 and Σ.311. The raw material incorporated, comply with the requirements of the harmonized European standard EN 12899-1. Compliance of the final product is certified by a recognized within the European Union accreditation body. The service life of the plates ranges from 7 to 12 years depending on the type of the reflective film. The materials used for construction must be of excellent quality in order to perform optimally the serious purpose for which they are placed and to maximize their shelf life. For danger signs, regulative signs, additional signs and small informative signs used flat sheet aluminum. If the flat information boards exceed 1 meter, they should be reinforced with additional ribs in order to acquire the necessary static strength. For the informative signs placed on bridges special aluminum profiles are used. The reflectivity of the marking plates is achieved by using reflective films. Currently three types of reflective films are used. Type I, Type II and Type III. Furthermore it is possible to use special anti-graffiti coatings for protection of the traffic signs from vandalism. Our company manufactures plates for all the countries of the world.




Ιnformation illuminated signs become more and more preferable in Municipalities and cluster of buildings. The main reason for placing them is the right information of visitors and the excellent visibility even at night. Also they contribute to the operational and esthetic improvement of areas where they are placed.The various colorations and the use of good looking posts give the possibility of their adjustment to the environment.

Technical features

The frame is made of aluminium and is completely impermeable.
The fixation posts are made of steel or aluminium.
Dimensions of the sign  :  according to the texts.
Height of the post  :   according to the number of signs.
Fluoride lamps   :    220 V – 240 V,  3 X 18 W
Voltage isolation panel  from 220 V  to 12 V in case of accident.