Traffic lights consist of subunits with lens diameter 210 and 300 mm. All the subunits have an independent system of access in their internal space. Externally, the traffic light incorporates proper points for the fixation of the unit on the posts. The body provides high permeability in the internal electric construction and the illumination devices.The construction material of the body is of high quality, polycarbonate, black color  and is specially resistant in ultra violet radiation and in conditions of the external environment.
The lenses of the traffic light are manufactured by polycarbonate material, in yellow, green or red color.
Each subunit of the traffic light is equipped with special plastic accessories  which ensure the right operation even in conditions of intense sun light. The LED lamps that are used conform with the requirements of EN 12368. Also LED of high brightness can be used.




The solar led traffic light is signage device that is placed at street junctions, pedestrian’s crossing and in cases where special signage is required.

Features : The solar traffic light consists of subunits with diameter 210mm. All subunits have independent access to their interior. The traffic lights are water resistant. The material used, is high quality polycarbonate in black color RAL 9005, highly resistant to UV radiation and to the exposure to external environment condition. The use of LED lamps has smaller energy consumption and allows the traffic light to be supplied power by photovoltaic panel 20w in combination with a charger and a special battery of 17Ah. So it is possible the placement and function of it in places without power supply. The traffic light subunits are equipped with plastic visors in order to ensure proper operation of the light even under conditions of strong sunlight. Externally the traffic light subunits have suitable fixation brackets for attaching them on galvanized posts. The traffic light has CE signage that proves according European Directive 89/106 that it has passed all the necessary laboratory checks and the European Standards that are for it.


Is the solution to all worksite needs to manage and regulate traffic.
It consists of the triple light with LED technology, mounted on a support tube metal box on wheels, carrying the traffic controller and the battery. It operates without cables by using accumulators 12V / 180 Ah and digital technique that ensures minimum power consumption.

The programming unit is performed manually by using switches and
synchronizing by simultaneously pressing two buttons. There is a choice between different transit times for each traffic stream. In cases where there is not necessary to operate the lights, such as holidays or weekends, their operation can be suspended without interrupting the operation of the internal auditors. The stored program with which communicate the two signals of the wireless unit do not use radio signals and so do not affect the service frequencies of ambulances, beacons, airport control towers, etc.

The unit is available in two types:
1. It consists of two traffic lights with lamps with LED elements according to EN12368 two wheeled battery boxes and two uprights.
2. It consists of two traffic lights with lamps with LED technology with high brightness. The complete unit consists of two trolleys and two accumulator boxes and stanchions.

Additional accessories:

  • Battery 12V/180Ah (requires 2 pieces)

  • Electrical unit to operate on voltage 220V/12V (requires 2 pieces)

  • Additional equipment so that in case of battery discharge to alert the person responsible by SMS message to replace the battery