In traffic signage on road networks a very important role has the fixation of the signs.

The posts of the signs are individual simple tubular posts (circular or rectangular). They are structural elements on which they are fixing the smaller signs (area<2m2) when they are placed next to the traffic area. They are made from steel, hot dipped galvanized. They are produced in various lengths and outer diameters according to the European Standard EN 12899 and EN 10255.

The structures for the fixation of oversized signs are circular section constructions where we can fix the oversized signs (area ≥ 2m2 and ≤60m2). They are placed next to the traffic area. For their construction, we use hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes of various lengths and outer diameters. Each individual structure consists of two vertical tubular sections. The support and stabilization tubes are welded horizontally.

On worksite signage because of the need for easy transport of the signs at different places of the project signs can be mounted on tripods or special constructions of Λ shape.




The support pipes are bearing elements on which they are placed small plates (<2m2) when they are placed next to the traffic areas. They are made of steel tubes hot dipped galvanized in various lengths and external diameters according to Standard Technical Specification for Steel Columns Support Signs approved by BM5 / O / 40124 / 30.09.80 Decision (Government Gazette 1061 / B / 10.13.80) of Minister of Public Works as amended and currently in force. Our company can cut the tubes to the desired length and create the appropriate holes for the placement of billboards in any diameter asked.